Peck Farm - Camp Coyote

Program Philosophy
Geneva Park District Camps focus on providing opportunities to all participants to grow personally by developing a positive self image and learning to treat themselves and others with respect.

The camps teach participants to appreciate diversity, become better leaders and develop a variety of specific skills and assets through various outdoor experiences. All of the camps incorporate the “Character Counts” philosophy and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. It is the primary goal of the Geneva Park District to make sure camp is a fun and enjoyable environment for each participant. The experiences and bonds that are formed at camp will last them a lifetime.

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Camp Coyote Ages Session Schedules
Superhero Science 5-7 Click for schedule
Kid vs. Wild 5-7 Click for schedule
Becoming Animals 5-7 Click for schedule
Prairie Pirates 5-7 Click for schedule
W.I.L.D. Adventure 5-7 Click for schedule
Water Wizards 5-7 Click for schedule
Ultimate Survivor 8-10 Click for schedule
Kid vs. Wild II 8-10 Click for schedule
Full STEM Ahead 8-10 Click for schedule
Mythbusting Science & Nature 8-10 Click for schedule


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